Trust Worldwide to Set the Tone for the Success of Your Asthma Study

Clinical research in therapies to address asthma face many unique challenges. According to WHO estimates, 235 million people suffer from asthma worldwide, and it is the most common chronic disease among children. The disease is multidimensional in nature, is often under-diagnosed and under-treated, and creates a substantial burden to individuals and families. Asthma is a complicated condition for doctors and patients to manage, and its prevalence is on the rise, especially in developing countries and children.

With 30+ years of experience in respiratory clinical research, Worldwide is an internationally acclaimed expert in the area. We offer full service Phase IPhase IV and real-world evidence clinical research services for studies into asthma and the world’s most prevalent respiratory diseases.

Our customers know that with Worldwide they will receive a stable project team of professionals already deeply experienced in asthma research. They turn to the Worldwide team for experienced insight into their development plan, detailed and expert feasibility analysis, and to deliver their project on time and on budget.

Our global infrastructure spanning 60+ countries delivers access to an extensive international network of proven high-quality investigator sites. Our close relationships with opinion leaders and practitioners in respiratory medicine ensure that complex study objectives and eligibility criteria evolve into a plan that delivers reliable metrics, consistently met timelines, and impeccable data.

And, as asthma involves pediatric indications, it’s important to note that we have established a proven center of excellence in pediatric clinical research to deliver integrated, regulatory, pharmacometric, non-clinical safety, formulation and global clinical trial services.

Worldwide has participated in 20 full-service Phase I, II, IV-Interventional and IV Non-Interventional respiratory studies since 1992. Our experts have managed studies with a variety of therapeutic interventions, including numerous trials for steroid inhalation compounds, as well as both short-acting and long-acting bronchodilators on asthma and allergy compounds.