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The term “mood disorders” refers to a group of psychiatric indications that include bipolar disorder, depression, and anxiety. The variety of characteristics identified with mood disorders, such as sleep inconsistencies, weight changes, fatigue, decreased concentration or decision making, and suicidal ideation, affect an individual’s quality of life and can lead to other physical health problems or even fatalities. In fact, sufferers of mood disorders have a lower life expectancy than that of the general population. Investigation of mood disorders requires a strong medical and scientific background in the indication, as well as an understanding of the potential pitfalls associated with data gathering related to psychiatric studies.

The medical, scientific, and research professionals at Worldwide Clinical Trials bring their expertise to your study through their experience with a variety of psychiatric indications. With strong knowledge of established self-reporting instruments as well as the ability to develop innovative approaches to patient assessment, we combine our established background in conventional research practice with an ability to adapt our approach to a given study. And because we have a strong understanding of current and evolving regulations, you can be confident that your study will adhere to the parameters required by regulatory authorities.