Trust Worldwide to Provide Reliable Data for Your Major Depressive Disorder Clinical Trial

Major depressive disorder (MDD) is identified as a leading cause of disability worldwide. Although many treatment therapies are available to MDD patients, a large number of individuals do not experience positive results using current therapies. Because so many MDD clinical trials have failed or rendered negative results, the challenge for researchers is to improve effect sizes for antidepressant drugs. Through strategic study design and careful inclusion/exclusion criteria, patients enrolling in your study will meet the necessary diagnostic parameters for the condition, thus mitigating the risk of inaccurate or unusable data.

With our experience in a broad range of psychiatric disorders, Worldwide Clinical Trials is well equipped to address the challenges inherent in a major depressive disorder study. By implementing precise enrollment protocols to ensure accurate diagnosis and sufficient homogeneity of study subjects and by designing a study protocol that limits the placebo response effect, we can optimize your prospects for a robust data set. Our experience in administration of psychiatric assessment instruments enables us to use them strategically to get reliable data and to meet study protocols. Our global network of study sites gives us access to a large pool of patients, and our investigators receive training in how to engage with patients to ensure their data reporting is accurate and unbiased.