Worldwide Balances Knowledge & Innovation for Your Post-Operative Pain Study

Post-operative pain control is an area of continuous refinement because effective pain relief is known to reduce incidence of post-operative morbidity, to improve recovery times after surgery, to reduce reliance on opioids, and to improve a post-operative patient’s general quality of life. Current research efforts in post-operative pain treatments seek to improve pain reduction with minimal side effects and explore the relative efficacy of analgesic versus anesthetic therapies.

Worldwide Clinical Trials has been involved in the design, execution, and analysis of numerous pain syndrome clinical trials. We have participated in the research of a broad range of pharmacological classes, including non-addictive compounds. Our studies have involved administration modes that include topical, oral, subcutaneous, intrathecal/epidural, and intravenous, as well as the use of medical devices with different pain indications. When you partner with Worldwide on your pain study, rest assured we’ll bring a vast body of research experience to your project.