Eliminate the Pain in Testing Your Acute Pain Therapies

Pain is an experience we all know, but is a given pain nociceptive or neuropathic? Acute or chronic? Knowing the answers to these questions makes a great deal of difference in the world of pain research.

Worldwide has been supporting researchers working in the fields of acute pain research for more than a decade. We have worked with researchers seeking to understand and mitigate the acute postoperative pain associated with ACL repair, hip and knee replacement, and other orthopedic procedures. We have also worked with researchers seeking better ways to manage post-episiotomy pain.

We understand the challenges facing researchers who are intent on alleviating the distress of those experiencing acute pain. You need access to patients who are both willing to participate in your trials and experiencing acute pain, and you need a partner who knows how to navigate the ethical issues in this area. You need access to facilities where the researchers are willing to support your investigations and gather data while focusing intently on alleviating the pain of the person sitting before them.

With a 30-plus-year track record of supporting CNS research and clinical trials (Phases I-IV), in addition to our real-world evidence experience, Worldwide brings unparalleled expertise to your development efforts. We offer full-service clinical trial support that can provide you with ongoing insight into the effect of your therapies over time.