Worldwide Gets Your Itch Relief Study on Track

Pharmacological treatments of analgesics designed for itch relief are developed with an awareness of the diversity of conditions that cause itching. Challenges for research in itch relief are related to the absence of biomarkers and other objective measures of itch. Thus, data is based on patient self-reporting to determine the efficacy and safety of the drug treatment being studied.

For your itch relief study, Worldwide Clinical Trials brings a keen awareness of the complexity of clinical assessment for patients with itch-related indications. During our long history of working with central nervous system disorders, our science and medical team has amassed a wealth of expertise working on the development of pain relief and analgesic medications, employing a full range of administration methods. Having been involved in the design, execution, and analysis of pain-related clinical trials since 2008, we are experienced with conventional modes of patient assessment as well as with developing more innovative methods where appropriate.