Worldwide Can Build a Winning Strategy for Your Fibromyalgia Study

Fibromyalgia is one of the most common forms of chronic pain and is estimated to affect 10 million individuals of all ages in the United States, with approximately 8% of individuals over 80 years old suffering from the condition. Challenges for researchers studying the condition involve working with pain as an outcome measure and developing evidence-based strategies for diagnosis and assessment.

Our Proven Industry Expertise

Worldwide Clinical Trials has been involved in pain-related disorders research since 2008. Our expertise and experience enable us to develop traditional approaches or innovative strategies to study design. Our experience with special patient groups means we have an awareness of the unique needs of special patients and their caregivers. With experience in human experimental and clinical models, we have provided CRO services related to registration studies to support marketing authorization on a range of pharmaceutical products targeting acute and chronic pain indications, including novel nonaddictive pain compounds.