Look to Worldwide to Drive Success for Your Ataxia Study

Ataxia manifests itself in a loss of muscle control – from compromised coordination to difficulty swallowing. It is often symptomatic of damage to the cerebellum caused by disease or injury. In some cases, Ataxia may be mitigated or managed by addressing the underlying disease. But Ataxia has also been linked to autosomal genetic mutations, and for these instances of Ataxia there is no underlying disease condition to address.

If you are working on therapies to address the genetics of Ataxia, how will you gain access to clinicians with the skills to support your studies? How will you source suitable study participants, and where will you find the resources to run and manage clinical trials of your therapy – particularly in locations where you may have no footprint?

With 30+ years of experience supporting drug development researchers, Worldwide is an internationally acclaimed expert in the area of clinical trial management. We offer full service Phase IPhase IV and real-world evidence clinical research services for studies into Ataxia and other conditions affecting the CNS. Our clients gain access to experienced professionals who can provide insight into development plans, conduct detailed and expert feasibility analyses, and deliver projects on time and on budget, even when projects have worldwide scope.