Let Worldwide Support for Your Anesthesia Clinical Trial Program

Anesthesia research involves the study of compounds developed with the purpose of controlling pain related to surgical procedures, as well as perioperative technology for monitoring and assessing pain. Advancement in the field of anesthesia requires compliance with established guidelines for administration of local, regional, and general anesthesia, as well as sedatives and nerve blocks, with protocols covering aspects of patient care from preoperative care to patient discharge. Research in pain management requires an awareness of current and trending regulatory considerations and a keen understanding of the needs of the patient subject.


Worldwide Clinical Trials has been instrumental in the development and execution of studies in pain-related indications since 2008. We have supported more than 20 trials related to pain syndromes through clinical monitoring or project management. With experience in human experimental and clinical models, we have provided CRO services related to registration studies to support marketing authorization on a range of anesthetic or analgesic compounds, including novel nonaddictive pain compounds.