Trust Worldwide’s Experience and Innovation for Your Neuropathy Clinical Trial

Neuropathy, or nerve damage, not only manifests in sensory symptoms such as pain or tingling but also results in difficulties with motor and autonomic systems. Because neuropathies often are associated with comorbid conditions, such as diabetes or cancer, research seeks to treat or prevent the problems underlying nerve damage. As understanding of the disease increases, advances are being made in treatment therapies, with pain control remaining a key focus of neuropathy research. Trial methodologies are a challenge for researchers because the disease has variations in symptoms and causes.

Worldwide Clinical Trials, with its 30+ years of experience researching central nervous system indications, is perfectly poised to take on the challenges of a neuropathy study. Our extensive work in pain and analgesic therapies across a broad range of pharmacological classes and modes of administration proves we’ve got your bases covered. We can implement traditional study designs or use innovative approaches when appropriate, keeping patient care and regulatory guidance at the forefront of our practice. Our vast research background, combined with a flexible and accessible research team, means you get the best expertise with keen attention to your study’s particular needs.