Worldwide Clinical Trials Combines Neurological and Cardiovascular Expertise for Your Vascular Dementia Study

Vascular dementia is characterized by cognitive difficulties resulting from impairment of blood flow to the brain. Risk factors for vascular dementia are similar to those for cardiovascular problems like heart disease and stroke. While vascular dementia can occur following a stroke, it may also affect individuals who have not suffered a stroke. Research into this indication requires a strong background in both dementia-related indications and in cardiovascular conditions.

With Worldwide Clinical Trials as your CRO partner, you get the benefit of our combined expertise in dementia-related diseases and cardiovascular disorders. Our 30-plus-year history in clinical research began with studies in central nervous system disorders related to dementia. Add to that our extensive portfolio of cardiovascular and cardiometabolic indications, developed over decades of study design, project management, and clinical monitoring services. With a network of investigational sites in 60+ countries, we bring the expertise and the global scope you need for a successful vascular dementia study.