Rely on Worldwide for Successful Studies Aimed at Spinal Cord Injury Therapies

So far, no one has developed a therapy reversing damage to the spinal cord, and spinal cord injuries (SCI) can be among the most life-altering for those experiencing them. Yet research is underway – in areas of neuroprotection, axon regeneration, cell replacement, retraining CNS circuits, and more – to repair the damage associated with SCI and to help individuals suffering from an SCI to recover.

Where do researchers turn for help guiding their research through the complexities of clinical trials? For more than 30 years, they’ve turned to Worldwide. We’re the experts when it comes to Phase I – IV clinical trials as well as real-world evidence research related to CNS therapies. Whether you’re focused on a novel approach to cell regeneration, pain control, or some other aspect of an SCI, Worldwide can provide an unparalleled depth of knowledge and expertise.

Worldwide offers global reach, an extensive network of highly skilled resources, and unmatched experience in participant recruitment. Our professionals already know how to set up, manage, and capture data from SCI and CNS therapy trials, and they know how to act nimbly, with flexibility when unexpected events and outcomes arise.