Trust Worldwide to Facilitate the Success of Your Seizure or Neurological Spasm Therapy Study

Clinical research in therapies addressing seizures and spasms faces a range of challenges. Although more than 20 antiepileptic drugs (AEDs) are available today, these drugs still fail to meet the needs of 20-30% of people suffering from seizure disorders. Yet, how do you isolate the efficacy of a therapy your team is trying to develop when so many AEDs are already available? It would be unethical to ask someone suffering from a seizure disorder to stop taking proven AEDs before they begin testing your therapy. For the same reason, you cannot pursue a traditional placebo-controlled study.

Worldwide Clinical Trials has been grappling successfully with these types of challenges for more than 30 years. We understand how to support researchers as they pursue new therapies in areas that have already been extensively researched. We know how to set up resources and conduct training to implement phased clinical trials in ways that protect the participants while yielding the insights you need to make decisions regarding next steps.

With unparalleled experience supporting CNS research, Worldwide Clinical Trials is an internationally acclaimed expert in clinical trial management. We offer full-service Phase IPhase IV and real-world evidence clinical research services for studies into seizure and spasmodic disorders. Researchers working with Worldwide know they will receive a stable project team staffed with professionals already deeply experienced in CNS research. They turn to Worldwide Clinical Trials for insightful feedback on development plans, for detailed and expert feasibility analyses, and for the resources and management skills to deliver a project on time and on budget.