Worldwide Clinical Trials Advances Knowledge in Neurodegenerative Disease

Worldwide Clinical Trials has been at the forefront of research in central nervous system disorders for 30+ years, and our staff has been instrumental in the development of every class of drug applicable to Alzheimer’s disease treatment. Today, because neurodegenerative diseases are affecting a higher percentage of the population, Worldwide Clinical Trials is determined to drive knowledge forward and do its part in making treatments available to patients. Our experience in rare diseases, combined with our broad global reach, gives us the expertise and resources to explore more neurodegenerative conditions effectively.

Founded by physicians, Worldwide Clinical Trials has been a leader in central nervous system disorder research since the 1970s when the first cholinesterase inhibitors were recognized as a cognitive therapeutic for dementia. Today, we combine our original passion and therapeutic interest with decades of experience and a strong global presence to provide you with the ideal combination of expertise, adaptability, and commitment to improving healthcare.