Worldwide Clinical Trials: A Winning Combination of Experience and Innovation for Your Narcolepsy Trials

Narcolepsy, a neurological disease characterized by excessive sleepiness and sudden loss of muscle tone (cataplexy), is a condition that significantly affects an individual’s quality of life and can lead to other complications. Although there are medications available to treat the condition, pharmacological research is required to develop effective pharmacological therapies with less serious side effects.

For 30+ years, Worldwide Clinical Trials has specialized in research of central nervous system disorders, and we have been involved in the design, execution, or analysis of more than 100 neurology studies. We provide CRO services at all phases of drug development from first-in-human studies to Phase IV and even post-approval drug trials. Our trial specialists are flexible and accessible, taking a consultative approach to clinical trial design and execution. Because we are adept at using both traditional and novel study designs, we can design your narcolepsy study protocol according to your specific needs and in keeping with regulatory considerations.