Worldwide Combines its Neurology and Rare Disease Expertise for Your Epilepsy Clinical Trial

An indication for which so much progress has been made, epilepsy remains a source of challenge and opportunity for researchers. While there are now more than 20 anti-seizure drugs available, these treatments are not proving sufficiently effective for about 20-30% of patients. For researchers, the variation in forms of the disease means that more specificity and nuance in outcome measures are required to identify homogeneous patient groups. Thus, your ideal CRO partnership will include an organization with expertise in rare diseases as well as in neurological indications.

Enter Worldwide Clinical Trials, with its background of 30+ years in central nervous system research, as well as a portfolio of more than 50 completed rare disease studies. As a full service provider, our commitment to the success of your clinical trial is second to none. This means we’ll be meticulous about patient recruitment, study design, and investigative staff training to ensure that protocols and regulatory considerations are met. Our familiarity with assessment instruments, combined with our innovation in developing alternative methodologies, ensures that you get the reliable study data you need.