Worldwide Clinical Trials Brings a Strong Research Background to Your Encephalitis Study

Encephalitis, or acute inflammation of the brain, is a potentially fatal autoimmune condition whose cause often is difficult to determine. The condition affects individuals of all ages from pediatric to elderly patients and has been associated with approximately $650 million per year in hospitalization costs in the United States alone. The broad spectrum of variation within the condition creates opportunities for research, while at the same time poses challenges related to establishing homogeneous patient study groups.

For 30+ years, Worldwide Clinical Trials has been engaged in research related to central nervous system disorders. Having been at the forefront of research in neurologic disorders, we have gained medical and scientific expertise in patient assessment and treatment, as well as the strategic understanding of effective development and execution of successful clinical trials. Our global presence has given us understanding of the particular regulatory and cultural considerations of remote regions. Trust Worldwide’s expertise to help you develop the most effective approach for your encephalitis study.