Worldwide Takes a Multidisciplinary Approach to Transplantation Research Studies

Kidney transplantation is a treatment for individuals with end-stage renal disease. While post-transplant survival rates are improving, long-term medical care remains a growth area for researchers, as they seek to find more effective therapies to mitigate rejection risk and reduce side effects of immunosuppressive medications. Transplantation is a fast-evolving field, and researchers need to stay abreast of developments and be able to respond and adapt when circumstances dictate.

For complex trials, Worldwide Clinical Trials provides a multidisciplinary group of professionals dedicated to finding evidence-based methods of improving the patient experience around the transplantation procedure. Through collaboration with key opinion leaders, academic research organizations, and patient advocacy groups, we remain at the forefront of new knowledge. Using innovative approaches to data collection, including patient-reported outcomes when appropriate, we can ensure that your data withstands regulatory scrutiny while providing you with the evidence you need to move forward.