Worldwide Will Meet the Challenges of Patient Recruitment & Compliance for Your Type 2 Diabetes Study

Type 2 diabetes, also known as diabetes mellitus, is a condition that affects how the body uses insulin to metabolize sugar. The condition is a growing concern as the incidence of diabetes continues to increase, and it has implications on the individual and on healthcare systems in terms of clinical and financial burden.

Challenges for medical professionals relate to inconsistency of patient adherence to treatment therapies. For researchers, patient recruitment difficulties can often be the reason why clinical trials fail to complete on time.

Worldwide Clinical Trials is equipped to help you face the challenges of patient recruitment and compliance. Our access to state-of-the-art reporting technology means patients can receive necessary treatment reminders electronically, and the real-time access to patient data for all study stakeholders allows for timely intervention in cases of patient noncompliance or other unintended events. With strategic recruitment practices, using precise inclusion/exclusion criteria, we are able not only to enroll those patients who meet the clinical requirements of the study but also identify those most likely to remain compliant throughout the course of the study. And our access to global patient populations and understanding of regional regulatory considerations means you have the best chances of getting the enrollment numbers you need on time.