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Worldwide Clinical Trials protects your investment with a multifaceted, cohesive approach.

It’s a simple truth: well-integrated technology enhances clinical development. So when partnering with a CRO, look beyond the promises to the facts. Is there an elegant and validated clinical trial management system? Do interfaces among various tools such as EDC, IxRS, and statistical analysis facilitate interaction and communication? How does integration occur? Does the CRO offer a comprehensive electronic shelter for your clinical trial?

Worldwide Clinical Trials’ answer: Our own investment in proven cloud-based models and networks that answer your needs.


When you thrive, we thrive. Therefore our goal is to consistently offer you the best methodologies available. Our pursuit of integrated technology is driven by our dedication to quality and  seamless execution to budget and agreed timeline. We present you with a powerful system, rather than an assortment of intelligent tools.


Accurate and timely data are critical to sound decision-making. Key Quality Indicators can help identify and avoid potential risk. Key Performance Indicators can help monitor and ensure progress. We provide these basics as well as smooth communication flow for site details, subject information, Monitoring Visit Reports, regulatory compliance, all the way through to study close-out. Our system includes dedicated Technology Project Managers who train and support your staff and the Worldwide Clinical Trials study team. Our Technology Helpdesk also provides support for internal and external users.

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