Scale Management

We are keenly aware that the wrong scale version, poor translations that have not been validated and appropriately certified, or unreliable source documents can corrupt data and ruin a study. Selecting, acquiring, and assuring certificates of translation, and reviewing scales before they are sent to sites for administration are critical functions, particularly when many languages and cultures are involved.

You can rely on Worldwide Clinical Trials to obtain the appropriate versions and translations of the scales for your study. Every detail is managed, right down to ensuring proper formatting and printing for consistent data collection, when paper-based source documents are used.

We work closely with vendors who provide electronic assessments to ensure accurate and approved electronic assessments are used. We interface with sponsors to assure appropriate restraints on data capture and work with vendors to ensure transparency. We compare the data to ensure consistency. Licensed and translated scales must be submitted to the local regulatory authorities as part of the package seeking approval to conduct the study. Patient-facing tools, in particular, must be translated into the local language by a certified translation company that provides back-translation and cultural and linguistic validation.  Our CAT team has the expertise to provide all of these services.

Services include:

  • Checking for commercially available translations
  • Seeking copyright-holder permissions
  • Comparing source copy of scale to Case Report Form
  • Confirming accuracy of translations
  • Supporting scale administration
  • Preparing and distributing training materials to sites

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