Worldwide Clinical Trials: The Cure for the Common CRO

Unique in our investment in medical and scientific expertise, Worldwide delivers operational excellence through our integrated methodology and time-tested process — which is designed to flex, meeting the needs of each individual sponsor while staying true to best practices. Worldwide combines proactive insight and rigorous operations with a never-satisfied approach to deliver successful trials, on time and on budget. It’s how we challenge what sponsors think of CROs — in the best possible way.

The Worldwide Way: Methodology and Process

What is the Worldwide Way, and how does it make a difference for our sponsors? It’s a methodology and a process driven by our guiding principles — principles that inform every aspect of our organization, our teams, every stage of our projects. It’s the framework that allows us to put the client first in each and every program. Our approach creates clarity and alignment around policies and procedures, further strengthened by clearly defined and differentiated roles and responsibilities. We tailor and refine this repeatable process to match the unique medical, scientific, and regulatory needs of our sponsor’s clinical development programs.

The Worldwide Methodology

Our methodology comprises the strategic direction and framework of how we operate — all day-to-day activities and our process, designed to reflect medical and scientific expertise, live under this core set of standards. Our methodology improves the chances of trial success by:

  • Using best practices as the foundation for operational excellence, optimizing processes driven by lessons learned to maximize success
  • Following a clear, repeatable, and consistent process
  • Efficiently and collaboratively planning each project, aligning expectations and goals from the start
  • Enhancing delivery from Launch through Close-out, getting it right the first time
  • Managing and communicating risk throughout the project
  • Providing teams with a central knowledge base to stay up-to-date

We pair every sponsor with a resource that is educated in our project management process, as well as the clinical indication and patient population of the specific project. These experienced Therapeutic Leads serve as medical and scientific advisors that understand the disease state and the potential challenges the trial could present. The Worldwide Way delivers efficient, quality clinical trials and helps sponsors navigate an increasingly complex drug development environment. We communicate and collaborate, promoting cross-functional teamwork to overcome project challenges and creating a close team bond with our sponsors as we work side-by-side toward a common goal.

The Worldwide Process

Worldwide’s process is a strategic and tactical culmination of best practices for consistency, structure, and repeatability — developed from hundreds of years of combined staff experience successfully executing studies across thousands of sites around the globe. Throughout the process, sponsors enjoy access to Therapeutic Leads and their proactive insights –– not just at certain times. More than just operational alignment, this process comprises strategy, operations, project management, and communication, all layered upon the medical and scientific strategy of our methodology. The Worldwide Way delivers quality clinical research on time and on budget, in addition to other superior outcomes:

  • Greater accuracy, ensuring tasks are completed successfully the first time
  • Less variation, more efficient and effective clinical trials
  • More predictable project timelines, reducing in cycle times in critical path milestones
  • Reduction of change orders caused by preventable enrollment, site productivity and subject compliance issues
  • Worldwide continues to perfect this process, regularly updating it to keep pace with new research, therapeutic areas, best practices, and lessons learned