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Worldwide Clinical Trials is licensed to handle compounds labeled with carbon-14 (14C) and tritium (3H) for traditional ADME studies (50–100 microcurie [μCi] range). In addition, we accommodate performance of nanotracer/microdose studies (<1 μCi). Procedural, sample processing, and drug-storage areas are available and monitored to support these studies.

We offer the highest quality AME laboratory equipment, including:

  • Packard Oxidizer analyzer for sample homogenization and extraction
  • Beckmann Liquid Scintillation Counter for high-sensitivity quantitation in mass balance studies
  • Waters Acquity UPLC for high-resolution separations in metabolite profiling and identification
  • Sciex API 4000 and API 5000 for NL and standard reference material (SRM) profiling
  • LEAP Fraction Collector and Top Count for high-sensitivity radiochemical profiling and preparative isolation
  • Thermo-Finnigan LXQ mass spectrometer for parent-product relationships (MSn fragmentation maps) and high-resolution mass spectrometry


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