Case Studies

Cardiovascular Outcome Trials Case Study


In this case study, learn about how Worldwide’s uncommon approach and integration of services, coordination of vendors, and immediate contact and tracking of patients resulted in a successful CVOT.


Parkinson’s Infographic

Central Nervous System (CNS)

Explore facts about the global impact of Parkinson’s disease with our Parkinson’s Infographic.


Site vs. Remote Inter-Rater Reliability of the PANSS and Information Demand

Clinical Research

The PANSS assessment is the cornerstone of efficacy analysis for a majority of clinical trials. Raters play a significant role in obtaining this data. This is typically site raters, but the use of remote raters is increasing. A multitude of studies fail to demonstrate change in symptoms based on PANSS scoring. It is critical that sources of variability among raters is minimized in order to ensure that PANSS assessments are accurate.
This poster is written by Bethanne Friedmann, PsyD, Henry Riordan, PhD, Erin Kornsey, MS, Evan Braxton, Michael F. Murphy, MD, PhD, and Neal R. Cutler, MD.


The Rise of Registries

Clinical Research

Identifying risk has consistently remained a top priority in clinical trials – especially in transformative therapies. With changes to study development, safety, value and innovation, the widespread utilisation of registries could mean a transformational shift across the whole trial landscape.