The Digital Age: Utilizing Social and Digital Media to Drive Patient Recruitment

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patient recruitment in the digital age


In this blog post, Worldwide Clinical Trials previews its webinar featuring Barbara Zupancic, Senior Director, Patient Recruitment and Retention. The discussion focuses on the best ways to reach, inform, and recruit prospective patients.

patient recruitment in the digital age

The Importance of Patient-Centered Recruitment Strategies

According to a recent case study entitled, “Public Engagement and Clinical Trials: New Models and Disruptive Technologies: Workshop Summary.,” it was discovered that “patients worry about a great number of issues, their health being one of them, and every aspect of a trial protocol that makes it harder to understand, less relevant to them, and less convenient diminishes the likelihood of participation.”

When recruiting prospective patients, ensure that all educational and other communications are consistent and easy to understand. Furthermore, it is important to value the patient’s input and, ultimately, make them feel as if they are part of something much greater.

When implementing a patient-centered strategy, three of the most important aspects are:

  1. Educating patients
  2. Speaking in their language (layperson terms)
  3. Creating a thorough, understandable consent process

Establishing a Strong Visual Identity

The right brand (study name and visual identity) for a trial plays a role in its success, in the ease of enrollment, and in public awareness. The visual identity and how the public perceive it are pivotal for trial recognition. It provides a better way to refer to the trial, and it distinguishes the asset from other trials in the marketplace.

The visual identity ensures that not only are all study-related materials easily recognizable and memorable but also engaging for all audiences (sites, referrers, patients, and their family).

A Push for Global Enrollment and Study Participation

One of the most efficient and cost-effective ways to highlight a clinical trial is through a branded study website. A study website serves as the go-to, central resource hub for study information and site location that can quickly and easily be shared through numerous online channels.

Engaging Prospective Patients on Social Media

The use of various social and digital media platforms, such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, for dissemination of clinical trial information has created a lot of possibility. In addition, online platforms have vastly expanded our reach and capabilities in terms of digital communications.

Tactics Used for Promotion and Online Recruitment:

  • Social media
  • Study website (and advertising it)
  • Google ads
  • Paid search
  • Blogs/forums
  • Advocacy group websites

Various online platforms allow us to create content that communicates a clear, concise message that is consistent and resonates with the patient population.

Worldwide Clinical Trials Performance Management Site Portal: Your Resource for Patients and Caregivers

Worldwide utilizes its performance management site portal as a main resource and one-stop shop for patients and caregivers. This device-agnostic online portal has 24/7 availability across all platforms – including computers, tablets, and smartphones.

Additionally, the portal houses training videos, real-time access to visit-specific guidance, upcoming procedures and study documents, as well as determines quality and completeness of data for site staff.

The performance management site portal is a great tool for sites to implement, and it is an excellent tool for patients and caregivers. Once they log on with their personal login, patients and caregivers can access many resources to remain engaged and informed. They have access to newsletters, milestone alerts, and all study updates.

For more information on Worldwide’s patient engagement, recruitment, and retention services, visit, or contact us now.


Institute of Medicine (US). Public Engagement and Clinical Trials: New Models and Disruptive Technologies: Workshop Summary. Washington (DC): National Academies Press (US); 2012. 3, Recruitment Challenges in Clinical Trials for Different Diseases and Conditions. Available from:

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