Haytham Elgammal, MD, PMBA

Medical Director, General Medicine & Rare Diseases

Haytham Elgammal, MD, PMBA, Medical Director, General Medicine & Rare Diseases at Worldwide Clinical Trials has more than 15 years combined therapeutic and clinical research experience. He provides lead Medical Monitoring services within General Medicine and Rare Diseases including Renal diseases, Hematological diseases, Endocrinology, Hematology, Hepatology diseases as well as solid organ tumors. Dr. Elgammal joined Worldwide in September 2020.

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Dr. Elgammal’s most recent experience as a Medical Director includes medical management of studies with Nephropathies, PNH, Sickle cell diseases, and Solid Organ Tumors.

Dr. Elgammal obtained his Medical Degree from Misr University for Science and Technology, Egypt and is trained in Emergency medicine and Nephrology. He also obtained his Business of Medicine “Pocket MBA” from Johns Hopkins, USA. Dr. Elgammal is licensed to practice medicine in the state of Florida, USA.

Dr. Elgammal is a member of the American Society of Nephrology # 595746, American Society of clinical oncology # 7059204, and has completed 2 years of medical academic research at the University of Miami, FL, USA.

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