Cara Staley

Vice President of Business Development

Cara Staley is Vice President of Business Development at Worldwide Clinical Trials. A tenured, top-producing CRO industry veteran, she has worked with both new biotech companies and established pharmaceutical organizations to facilitate their success within the life sciences industry. With her entrepreneurial spirit and her commitment to improving patient care, she is dedicated to building lasting relationships between Worldwide’s customers and its operational teams.


With over 20 years’ experience, Cara Staley brings considerable experience in positioning both early stage and established organizations to succeed in the life sciences industry. She has worked with companies managing strategic accounts with concentration along the East Coast. Cara’s passion is working with sponsors developing drugs for rare disease patients. Prior to joining the CRO industry, Cara founded a non-profit for brain tumor research and is actively involved as an advocate for brain tumor research. In addition, Cara served on the board of directors for the American Paralysis Association in Philadelphia. These prior experiences remind her of the importance of patient considerations in trial development.


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